Feminist Philosophies: Theory + Praxis 

Feminist Philosophies Flyer

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THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED and will be rescheduled in the near future.

Presented by Gender+ Justice Initiative and Women’s and Gender Studies.

Join us for a thought-provoking conversation between renowned philosopher Elsa Dorlin and acclaimed journalist and filmmaker Rokhaya Diallo as they explore intersectional feminist philosophies from theory to praxis. Drawing on their extensive work and experiences as Black feminist thinkers and educators, they will engage in a discussion that delves into the complexities of intersectionality and its implications for contemporary feminist thought and practice. Dorlin and Diallo will discuss the evolution of feminist philosophies across the US-French contexts, as well as their understanding of current racial and political issues to challenge and deepen our understanding of antiracist feminist praxis. 

Refreshments and snacks will be served after the event.

About the speakers:

Elsa Dorlin is a professor in the department of political science at University of Paris 8 Vincennes/St. Dénis and prominent philosopher whose groundbreaking work has contributed significantly to feminist theory. Her research on the intersections of gender, race, and violence has shed light on the ways in which power operates in society and how it impacts marginalized communities. Dorlin’s publications include Self-Defense: A Philosophy of Violence (2017), La Matrice de la race (2006), Sexe, genre et sexualités (2008), and Patriarcat, capital, intersectionnalité (2019), among others. Her interdisciplinary approach and critical analysis of power dynamics have made significant contributions to feminist and critical race theory. — Follow Twitter: @elsadorl

Rokhaya Diallo is a renowned journalist, author, filmmaker, and antiracist feminist advocate, who has fought tirelessly against racial and gender discrimination in France and beyond. She is the author of a dozen books and writes a monthly column in the Washington Post, covering issues of racism and sexism in France and abroad. She hosts a podcast with Grace Ly called Kiffe Ta Race (Binge Audio), a show which critically examines issues of identity and race. In 2022, she founded W.O.R.D a school whose mission is to teach communication and public speaking skills to emerging advocates and organizers. She is the Georgetown Gender+ Justice Initiative’s inaugural Researcher-in-Residence for 2021-2024. — Follow Twitter: @RokhayaDiallo, IG: @rokhayadiallo

Accommodation requests can be made at genderjustice@georgetown.edu

This event is free and open to all