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Support the Gender+ Justice Initiative (G+JI):

Join us in our mission to champion gender justice from an intersectional lens! The Gender+ Justice Initiative is at the forefront of research and advocacy across Georgetown University’s diverse departments and campuses.

What We Do: G+JI is committed to amplifying intersectional approaches to gender justice across Georgetown’s diverse departments and campuses. We are dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary scholarship, driving advocacy, nurturing knowledge production, and offering a wide array of events, programs, and research opportunities. As a vibrant hub for community engagement and policy development, we are leading the charge for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Your Support Matters: By supporting G+JI, you empower Main, Law, and Medical campus faculty and students, and affiliated scholars to engage in vital interdisciplinary conversations, collaborate on critical issues such as gender, antiracism, feminism, intersectionality, inequity, and inequality, and participate in our enriching events, programs, and research initiatives.

Your contribution is a powerful force for change! Together, we can dismantle barriers and create a society where everyone thrives.

If you have any questions about giving or would like more information, please email