Black Womxn Activists, Voters and Politicians

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Video of Black Women Activists, Voters and Politicians, Recorded on Nov. 17th, 2020. Features: Dr. Jamil Scott, Dr. Nadia Brown, Dr. Pearl Dowe, Dr. Dayo Gore.

A Virtual Conversation

Black womxn have always been at the forefront of all fights for equality and justice. From abolition and feminist movements, to voting and civil rights, to fighting mass incarceration and more recently with the Movement for Black lives.

Despite being some of the most politically engaged citizens, Black womxn continue to face overlapping discrimination, misogynoir and unique challenges. In light of the 2020 Presidential elections, join us for a conversation on Black womxn’s past and current political participation and representation, and explore possibilities for Black feminist futures.

This discussion is sponsored by the Gender+ Justice Initiative, the Department of African American Studies and the Women of Color Collective.

Moderator: Jamil Scott, Professor of Government


Nadia Brown, Professor of Political Science and Women & Gender Studies, Purdue University

Pearl Dowe, Professor of Political Science and African American Studies, Emory University

Dayo Gore, Professor of African American Studies and Women & Gender Studies, Georgetown University